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If you love customized clothing, need alterations, or want us to craft trendy curtains for your home, Elegance Corner has covered you through quality. With the knowledge of all the trending designs, traditional dress codes, and bespoke styles, we craft spectacular dresses for fashion ladies to fulfill their style needs. Besides creating masterpiece dresses by utilizing our exceptional sewing skills, we create beautiful curtains tailored according to your interior aesthetics. We specialize in designing bridal dresses , gownsc, leather alterations, curtains, and crafting sheet sets. Call us for assistance.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to craft the best pieces for the fashion people to make them overwhelmed by the quality of craftsmanship.

Our Vision

At Elegance Corner, we are determined to become a world-class bespoke fashion boutique known for delivering the best designs and top-notch services.

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Having years of sewing experience and exceptional command over the skill, Elegance Corner specializes in crafting customized clothing for women, curtains for your home, and more!
Never leave a dress that you love due to its larger size because we can help you make it fit your body by using our reliable sewing and alteration skills.
Among all the custom fashion tailors, leather is the most difficult to handle, but we have made and altered hundreds of leather jackets, coats, and other options by utilizing our precise cutting and elegant stitching skills.
We offer top-quality custom tailoring services and are experts in making sufficient alterations to the pre-designed dresses to craft state-of-the-art clothing for you.

If you love being unique, we make sure we opt for a creative and holistic approach to maintain a beautiful wardrobe that compliments and adores your personality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer alterations & designing of clothes, craft customized curtains, and alteration services.
No, we only specialize in making customized clothes for women only.
When designing the wedding dress, we always stay in touch with the clients and keep sharing the progress with them, so mostly there’s no need for alteration once the dress is complete. If the customer wishes to make some minor changes, we can assist.
It depends on the size, design, and number of curtains. Please call Elegance Corner to get a near-accurate time estimate.
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Customized Services

We carefully listen to the client’s requirements, take notes of all the information they provide, and try our best to put together customized work they always love and admire.

On-Time Services

Since starting the business, we’ve always prioritized time, completed every task within schedule, and kept our clients covered even when they required emergency services.
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